AppFlood which to choose?

im still developing the app i didnt launch it yet, no providers! i made my own currency and i will outsmart the user to make him think that he must install a game to get the coins! because i dont think getjar and tapjoy pays (per install) more than appflood, mobilecore, and appnext which i will choose

GetJar pays about $0.09 to developer when user downloads a 10 coin app (it can be 5 coins per app for just any app and 15 or 20 coins for some featured apps - probably the real advertising apps).

Tapjoy may pay similar - or slightly lower (varies greatly as the offer can be anything - there are some really low per app payments sometimes also). And some “Download and run this app” offers can be high paying also.

How will you know if a user has actually downloaded an app by your method - which is actually trying to have user download an app (user thinks is “incentivized” - but the ad network thinks is non-incentivized (i.e. AppWall etc. paying more to developer for that value).

It would be reasonably simple to implement Tapjoy though.

i heard that getjar dont except all apps, and for tapjoy payment is not enough for me and stuff like watch a video to get coins or register might not be liked by users like downloading a game because most of your users (in case your app was a game) will like to download new games, so i will try interstitial ads or appwalls (but not popular ones like airpush, leadbolt) in my game, i will publish it after 3-4 days to see how it will goes and post back here if it works or not

i asked appnext about they’re average payment per install and they said its about 1$

Appflood has changed withdrawing method - now there’s something called Pending Balance. It’s money that they ‘haven’t received from advertisers yet’ and this revenue will be available in a few days. Now more then half of revenue is this type so you can’t withdraw the full amount and you don’t know when you exactly will able to.

I don’t like it :frowning:

thats bad, please tell us if these pending earnings become available after a couple of days because i want to integrate them in my app

I think they won’t be available at the same time - every day part of income is in pending balance. I can’t say more right now because they have some problems with stats and I don’t have data from yesterday (they made this change yesterday).

However, it may be still better than ad networks that pay every 30 days.

it will still better than net 30 if they don’t do like tapcontext (pending earning is divided to the next 6 months!)

Hello @eyadse93,

We wanted to address this and have posted it here on another thread:

I’m not sure what they are doing, but eCPM started to drop - yesterday I had $0.37. I wrote to them about that and if they won’t do anything about it I will have to find other ad network. Is there any other network that has a plugin for Unity?

Yesterday I had 100k impressions and revenue $37.

i think appnext have plugin for unity … please keep me updated about appflood ecpm and pending earnings

Sure I will. First days in appflood were great (eCPM), but if they won’t fix that I will think about just puting startapp ($37 from 28k installs and 100k impressions isn’t funny).

I was testing AppFlood on an app - and one day I saw an ad for “Anastasia” - which is a dating or “find Russian women” type app.

This may be legitimate on the app store - but I was surprised to see that type of app (very different from the usual game type apps usually advertised on AppFlood).

Same thing with Tapjoy - once I saw some dating-type apps advertising there as well.

I wonder if there is a filter option for developers to exclude ads that are above the rating level of the game.

I put only a more game button in my app and show more games panel ads for appflood. This is my statistic for last month with appflood
impressions : 131
install : 11
eCPM : $53.13
Earnings : $6.96
CTR : 196.18%
Click : 257
Fill Rate : 5.82%

how about your guys? is there others ads perform better than this?

Here is really interesting chart :slight_smile:

fill rate 5.82% !! @TRF do you get a fill rate like this?

Nope, I have fill rate over 100%.

The stats he quotes seem confusing - perhaps is a mixture of appflood appwall and banner etc. ? or icon ad or something.

Thanks - that is really helpful.

Looking at this chart one can see that about 10,000 impression per day would give you $5 - and that type of ratio seems to be similar to what I’m receiving in Leadbolt.

The question which arises is - what is the advantage of showing multiple appwalls within the app - i.e. for “novelty”.

For some advertisers the apps in the appwall are either few or don’t change - in such a case there maybe some advantage to rotate through the various appwalls (of course this also means that even if your total revenue is say enhanced by 20% from say $1 to $1.2 - you wind up having your payments split between multiple advertisers).

There is some ad retention in ads. Showing them multiple times work I think - eCPM was over $1.00. But suddenly it started to drop suddenly( ) - I have grow in installs and active users every day, but revenue from appflood is going down.