Appflood Scam $936

Hello Guys,
Appflood they pay me, but after that they are fat refund orders for my account. Actually I’m very sad about the network as appflood.

Papaya refund my money.jpg

Proof payment for Appflood ( Papaya).jpg

Have you given them the chance to explain what happened? What did they say?

Yes I did give them a chance to explain, but they told me that my application incent, they said my application is incent early but they let me run their offer

What they mean by ‘incentive’? Do you encouraged clicks or downloads on some way? Can you give us more insights in whole thing.

I get traffic from google sources and I bought 7seach traffic.


You really need to be more clear about what your app was doing etc.

Hi cupic, we had several complaints from advertisers about the way you were showing ads. It looks like you were offering incentives that couldn’t be delivered, as there was no way for you to know which users had installed the apps advertised without a callback. Misleading users violates both our terms and Google Play’s, and since you were getting an install rate of nearly 100%, advertisers were obviously upset so we gave them a refund. It’s important for the health of the whole network that everyone uses fair practices.

There are many ways you can optimize your integration that won’t cause these problems. If anyone wants advice on improving their IR without offering incentives, feel free to get in touch at [email protected], or take a look at these articles:

Increasing eCPM
Avoiding monetization mistakes
Fixing a low fill rate or eCPM with AppFlood

Please cancel the refund.


If u had nearly 100% install rate, u should be tankful that u didnt get banned from the network… Seems u paid to people to download apps/games from your app. This is a very common newbie mistake. U made my day with your reply… hahah

Not sure if serious, or just trolling. :smiley:

What’s the performance like (I deliberately not mentioned eCPM) - but if someone’s used say Leadbolt HTML AppWall and then switched to AppFlood - that comparison would be interesting.

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Seriously, you really should stop putting advertising in EVERY topic. There should be created a special forum for promoting of advertising networks… I check the topic hoping someone wrote something worth reading but I see people trying to promote their ad network over and over. Stop that, please.

hi appflood,


We have checked our account and we saw some serious problems happened. In
our analytics report, our balance is $2000 but in the main account
profile, it is $0. Is this a techniqual issue? And how can we withdraw our