Appflood Big Scam $2.161

Appflood Scam $2161 cheta.jpg

I warn you all that this is absolutely a scam one.

It’s been more than a couple of week after i request my payment but i received nothing but a funny reply from them: They THOUGHT that there’s some fraudulent activities with my application and they’re charging back money to the advertisers!!! What the what? Then, i tried to contact them so many times via email, phone but all not working. My traffic is all good with other networks but this one. I am writting this to warn you all not ever register with this network. BELIEVE me!!!

Yeah I had pretty much the same experience with inMobi. Do your best to make them pay with their public image if they won’t make an effort to resolve the issue and cut your losses.

The best thing to do in the future is to only use the more established and popular networks, like Admob, mobileCore, StartApp, AppNext, AirPush, AppBrain etc.

You forgotSupersonic on that list of yours… Personally I think that Admob,MobileCore,StartApp are better then Appnext, Airpush & AppBrain…
The issue with Fraud activity isnt new, sadly most companies forget about the Customer when they suspect fraud and terminate hard earn cash in seconds…

i am glad i saw this topic…i was just going to try them…but i guess i’ll wait and go for some more reliable network like the ones named by alkaline

Yes, glad that you haven’t tried it yet. Their supporters are somehow just for fun. As A1ka1inE said, try some different popular networks instead.

Thanks for letting us know about your experience…even though i am sorry for what happened to you :frowning:

Hi miller.ilearn, this is Daria from the AppFlood team and I’ve been looking into your issue. I wasn’t able to find your account on our system but I’m happy to look into this directly if you contact me. We treat payments to our publishers seriously and we pride ourselves on how reliable our and quick our payments are.

Email me directly with details of your account and I’ll look into it [email protected].

At AppFlood we have a standard procedure when we suspect that traffic is fraudulent - we send an email in which we express a concern about the traffic and we give publishers 3 days to clear things up with us. It’s only after 3 days we suspend the payment and return money to the advertiser.

We care about making both publishers and advertisers happy and work extensively to ensure we minimize fraud traffic on our network to a minimum. We hope AppFlood can benefit everyone in a fair way, so I’ll try to resolve your problem quickly.

Your Is Big scam.