AppBucks finalized revenue is 25% of the reported on dashboard

how is every one ?
I have been using AppBucks for about one month now , and revenue was amazing (at least that what I thought ) as thevalues reported on the dashboard was amazing and showing eCPM of 7$ ++ , (Too good to be true ! )
Yes apparently those values was too good to be true ,
Once the y finalized my revenue and start showing numbers in black the reported revenue dropped to about 25% of the red values so this means if I was making 100$ a day in red numbers it finalized to be 25$ WTF …
Yes I know they are saying the values in red is not yet finalized but in such cases you would expect a +/- 10% maximum and actualy other networks always adjust to + only ,

but with AppBucks it is 75% drop when finalizing the numbers

Have any one faced this situation with them before or with any other network ?

Do you think this is normal ?

What do you advise ?

Thank yo for reading .

And why u people dont use the trusted adNetworks, and always go ahead with some bu** adNetworks… I can understand the feelings, like to be new in adNetwork and make more money as there are not too many devs…
You should be happy if you will receive your money at all, and it is not a place to surprise. They dont have much ads to be advertised, so seems at the end they ran up with moneys))

I’ve been using them for a few months now on a couple of my lower-performing apps.
I have noticed drops and rises in the revenue from red to finalized, but only around 5%-10% typically.
My average eCPMs (from Feb to April [all finalized):

My average eCPMs (for this month [not yet finalized):

I’m getting traffic from U.S, EU, U.K and then a bunch of places in Asia and Africa.

I would say a 75% decrease in revenue after finalization is highly alarming.
Try and get hold of their support. While they might be slow to reply, they have always answered my queries and resolved every matter.

Hopefully it’s just a reporting glitch on their end and not manipulation of data.

I would never trust them since they are owned by adknowledge which currently has financial trouble. Just stay cautious. Some people are not paid yet for last month’s earnings

i dropped them after about a week. One of my top performing apps that gets a crap load of downloads per day made $0.03 in a whole week after having tons of clicks. I switched that app to leadbolt and it now makes about 10 to 15 dollars per day.

App Bucks still says i have an account balance of $0.08 once it finalized. Don’t ask me how it went from a red value of 3 cents to 8 cents…

I wounder why @Rudis.AppBucks is not replying to this thread .

Hi guys, I’m sorry I missed this post back in May when it first popped up. We actually heard a lot of complaints about the jumps between estimated and real earnings on the dashboard, so we have made several changes and improvements to how we calculate your earnings which has essentially eliminated this disparity. We have also made other infrastructure and SDK updates which should vastly improve CPMs for our existing and new developers who join up. Paul who works with me here on AppBucks has posted more details about the changes on the forums here in this thread.

app-bucks is lie, the money from January 10 until now I have not been paid. Everyone is carefully with App-bucks