AppBucks Android SDK v2 - BETA

Hey guys,

In an effort to remain compliant with Google’s new content policy, I’m happy to announce that we have a beta of our new SDK available that I’d like everyone to try out. The beta is available today with all new ad units.

No signups necessary and no hush hush. Let’s get back to work and make money. If you’re interested in the beta, PM me your email address and I will get you all the materials necessary.



At least tell us the kind of ads supported in sdk. I only see interstitial and mention of push ads in your FAQ.

Our notification and icon ad units are gone due to the aforementioned compliance issues. They have been replaced with a display / banner ad unit, an interstitial ad unit, and another ad unit that we’re targeting to monetize live wallpapers and services. PM me your email address and I’ll get you the SDK and docs.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi Paul,

I have been using your 1.5 SDK since a couple of months ago and would like to know more details on your new 2.0 SDK.

  1. Do your new ad units i.e banner, Interstitial,etc support Asia region.

  2. Your new ad unit biz.model - CPM/CPI/CPA ?

  3. Average eCPM for Asia region ( My apps are focusing on Southeast Asia countries i.e Singapore,Malaysia & Indonesia ).

If possible, I would like to try out your new 2.0 SDK & do send me necessary files in order to start off.

WNASH, I have replied to your PM to get your email address for the new SDK and to answer your specific questions.

Hey @Paul.AppBucks, do you have any guide for mopub mediation. If not, then pls. get in touch with mopub and provide us some way for integration as inmobi/jumptap is present in mopub mediation. I mean pls. make us independent of sdk at least for banner and interstitial.

We don’t have that functionality, at the moment, but it is something that we are looking to implement. Thank you for the feedback.

What is that ad unit you’re focusing for live wallpapers, does it ppd? Does it pay good?

I do not think that the new appbucks unit are compatible with new google ad rules…they have BootReceiver and that means 100% out of app without any additional functionality

Thank you very much for your feedback. We think that everyone would benefit from having discussions about what does and doesn’t work with respect to the new Google guidelines.

Firstly, we didn’t see any mention of not using the BootReceiver with respect to ad units, so we’re not sure how this runs afoul of Google’s new policy.

We ran some pretty extensive testing and followed Google’s content policy very closely before implementing this new ad unit. In addition, we created a couple of brand new apps with the new SDK and pushed them to Google Play to see if Google would approve them. To our delight, they have. We also have several other developers who have implemented our SDK in their new apps that are being approved as well.

I’d invite you to give our SDK a try. Please consider me a personal contact should you need anything. You can reach me by replying here, PM, or skype at apshoemaker.

Thanks again!


Developers that Register & Distribute our SDK will receive a bonus!
$75 = 1000 1st installers
1000+ -> US = $0.05 ; non-US = $0.01

Payment terms: Net15 ; Earnings over $500/day, payment is weekly!

We follow all Google’s new developer’s policies.

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Its a fake sdk…
Never trust on them …
They will show lots of impressions .but revenue is zero…

their executive Jared Stutler is a very fake person…
beware of him…

So in my opinion never ever trust on is damm best …

I have tested them for a week, it was waste of time. Interesting thing: the ads were displayed even when there was no internet connection, I wonder if it was counted…


Firstly, thank you both for the feedback. I’m open to all feedback; good, bad, or otherwise, and I’m very sorry to hear that you had a poor experience. I assure you that we work very hard to make sure you make the most money from your apps. As you know, there are a lot of variables at play that come together to make things successful. I’d like the opportunity to get check your accounts to see what the issues may be. I will PM each of you to see if I can get your user names and check your account.

Thanks again!


It’s rather premature to conclude their performance based on only a week with them. Been with AppBucks for almost 3 months, it’s very misleading to say that their SDK is fake as we could see that they are trying very hard to come out with a newer, better version.

The fact that they never fail to pay me for the last 3 months & they are among the early ad networks I adopted to supplement my app earnings, make me believe that AppBucks is a trusted ad network & worth integrating with my apps.

Any ad network which is using google adwords to promote itself has been genuine (though earnings can’t be granted). app bucks is promoting itself by purchasing web ad on adwords which are displayed on websites using adsense. Similarly I see ads from vserv and homebase on consistent basis. Airpush seems to have stopped their adwords campaign which clearly tells that things are not well at their end.

I didn’t say they are fake, but I am very disappointed, 0.01 eCPM for push-like ad for me is misunderstanding. Those are stats from my test (3 apps 7 days), they were bit different few days ago:


Hello Paul I have been using Appbucks since June.
And there have been several times when app earnings
are deducted without warning or notice, explanation (both dollars and points).
However, I have earned 115$, but I cant get 50000 points because
the only “lottery” numbers it gives is -500, -200 and -100.
I dont think this system is completely legit because when one
approaches to redemption balance the only “luck” he/she ever
gets is misfortune. And by the way this has been going on
for a month already. When I try to gamble, the points balance
falls rapidly - no ups or downs. Right now the points balance is -2000.
My question is will it now deduct from dollars balance too?
Being a relatively good gambler, earning with this app I
would say is absolutely impossible.
If someone actually has ever cashed out, inbox me with payment proof.
Thank you .

Please please ANSWER back… I have numerous times emailed and reached out to support or appbucks user services for people to connect with people ready to assist ANYONES questions or complaints concerns for the whole app!! And not once received any email or response whatsoever even knowledging the fact I sent something period so of course nothing I reached out about issues or not understanding how to even work the app… My biggest concern was losing my first exchange I had done because been so worried about losing over 10,000 in exchange points equaling $$$… When I first did exchange ALWAYS showed in my history now does not… So upset not knowing if I wasted alot of valuable time on this horrible unrewarding app??? Cuz I used to enjoy and recommend all the time for people try ur app but with numerous attempts in trying to speak with someone or get some kind of feedback about the app has gone on deaf ears completely ignored and now I don’t see where I exchanged over 10,000 points in where it used to reflect in my history. So I am praying that someone replies back because I not only use the app and want to continue but I also I am always recommending by referral or posts or blogs different apps that are rewarding or apps that have rewarding the outcome is for people to try out so I’m not trying to brag nothing like that I’m just simply stating facts that you could potentially lose numerous people or possible referred people because I simply can’t get a response or reply at all that is frustrating and not good business or positive in dealings with customer or clients… HELPppp please