AppBrain - Turning to be a scam ?

Hello everyone,

For more than a year, i have been using AppBrain Appwall in all of my apps which shows appwall every 3 days not to bother users.

But for 9 days, i cant reach the page

When i click there, its re-directing me to Top Android Apps and Games in the Android Market | all the time.

I have sent a couple of e-mails to [email protected] and support but got only 1 reply back which is

"Do you get a specific error message?
Best regards,

Mathijs / AppBrain team"

And i have replied back 8 days ago including that i cannot reach my Dashboard.

Still got no reply.

Is there anyone else who is facing same problem ?

A serious money inside. Despite the fact that it was a 1 cent, as a lawyer i should never let ripping go away.

Thank you.


We’re sorry that your support request was not picked up quicker. We have responded to you with steps to resolve the problem.