Appbrain Promotion

Hi it has been awhile since I leave this forum and now I am back.
Previously I did not use Appbrain promotion for certain reasons.
Now I am using it and I discover it can actually get me China specific installs.
If I’m not wrong, Appbrain re-direct users to Google Play but since GP is banned in China, how does it get China users to install my apps via Google Play? Does this mean those statistics I saw in the dashboard are fake or manipulated to show me they are installs from China?

Can someone familiar with Appbrain promotion comment?

Ok I confirm with China friends. Appbrain really can reach out to China users so they are not lying. But then if they don’t host our *.apk how they let the China users download ? Another question mark ?

Can’t ask those China friends? if they know Appbreain can reach to China users then they should know also where they are redirected when clicking on Appbrain ad.