AppBrain options

I want to run a campaign on appbrain or facebook of around 600 US$

In the appbrain dashboard , you can select the list of countries of your choice , what i dont understand is , there’s a slider called adjustment factor , and when i slide it, the ecpm changes, what does that mean? what if i select just usa , still adjustment factor changes the prices…

The higher you set the eCPM the faster you will get downloads (because the higher your game be on their appwall).

Thanks , correct me if im wrong ,but cpm just guarantees that your ad will be served, nothing else right? and cpc ensures someone clicked on your ad…

He meant that the higher you make your bid, the more chance you will have to get your game displayed on the appbrain wall and the higher it will be on the list.

The adjustment factor lets you adjust the maximum bid for different countries. Let’s say your bid is set to $1. If you adjust the slider to 50% for Canada and 200% for USA then you will pay a maximum of $0.50 per install from Canada and $2 per install from the USA.

Don’t mind the adjustment slider, it will only confuse you more. What matters is your bid value (minimum is $0.20 if I recall). That’s the amount of money you pay for every person that installs your app. The higher you go, the more priority you have over other bidders, and hence you’ll get more installs over the same period of time, than you would with a lower bid.

I would mind the adjustment slider, it is important but easy to understand.

Without using the adjustment slider you will pay similar cost per install for Asia and North America. North America is a much more valuable area so the money you get from an USA user will be a lot higher than from an Indian user.

So it makes total sense to play with the slider and pay more for countries that provide more value to your app in terms of revenue.

Thanks, Im restricting myself to US/Canada/Germany then , because many more card holders in those places compared to asia i guess, what are your opinions about that?

They are valuable countries. It depends how many installs you want and from where. If you set a bid of $0.20 you won’t get more than 100-150 downloads a day (that is how my game is doing anyway; so if you will get more downloads please tell me about it).

Other valuable countries are UK, Australia, New Zealand.

That was a good insight , so my app hasnt completed a week , so its getting like 700-1000 downloads a day , i’d like to ride the wave and run a campaign ,and then ill let you know what happens…

Wait , I just got reminded of something , my app runs on android 3.0 and above , is there a way i can control app brain to show ads only on honeycomb + devices?

I haven’t seen a way to target devices with appbrain but it shouldn’t affect you. If users can’t install your app you won’t pay for installs.

What is the app you are trying to promote and what have you done so far?

I’ve made an app which let users add text on pictures …! So far i havent dont any advertising or marketing because of some banking problems I’m facing , so I’m waiting really to sort those matters out :expressionless:

@protonsavy hey man, i was wondering if you can help me out. I setup a campaign with appbrain and set the CPI bid at 20cents. I then went and lowered the “adjustment factor” to 30% and 20% for some countries… now within a few minutes I got a few installs but appbrain charged me 20cents for each of those.

does anyone know for sure if the adjustment factor can be lowered below 20 cent minimum? I am willing to pay 5 cents or so for some downloads outside of US and that’s what I am trying to achieve :slight_smile: Thanks!

Minimum CPI is 0.20.
The adjustment factor would only allocate the traffic(impressions), I believe.

hey mate, i ran a campaign recently,and no the minimum is 0.20, which is okay if you want to get downloads from asia and south america. I initially kept 0.20 for USA also, but i was getting downloads in single digits so i kept to changing the adjustment factor (cpi of 0.50-0.60) which did bring in the downloads at a slow rate. I’d like to add that dont display ads during holidays, as bigger companies are running campaigns during those days, with cpi of $1 and above…

To sum up- 0.20 for rest of the world, 0.5-0.6 for usa(medium to slow download rate)


a few months ago, I ran a campaign for 20 cents per USA download and managed to get a few thousand downloads per day with ease. I then switched to facebook because CPI was even better for me there…

not the case right now because of holiday rush :slight_smile:

I thought I would run a quick campaign before christmas to capitalize on a smaller country holiday traffic, but I guess I will have to wait out the holiday season and do this in January… my CPI is too high right now.

How many downloads per day are you getting now with appbrain for a $0.20 price?

I am getting ready to complete my new game and would like to know if it’s better to wait until after the holidays or publish it just before Christmas.