appbrain and otber ppi

i was thinking to invest some $ to promote my app.

does anyone use appbrain?
how much do they carge per install?
does anyone know similar services?

$0.20 per install is the minimum, but for many countries its too little, you need to set it much higher to get downloads fast.

I use the owner actually is on the forum and its the best price wise. The owners screen name is daywalker.

That is an incentivized network. That means users that install your app through their network do it for the purpose of receiving rewards from them. Usually, more than 80% of the users uninstall your app the next day. Their price is usually around $0.11 per install.

No it doesn’t mean that high of uninstall rate. Read this post here

Mate, you’ve been advertising your forum post in most of the articles you write.

Trust me when I say that more than 80% of installs coming from incentivized campaigns get uninstalled the next day.

I wrote the article to share my exp with people. I don’t want to copy and paste the whole article on every thread that’s why I point to it when I post. Also it depends on quality of your game or app when it comes to uninstalls. Plus once you reach top new free category you get organic installs which boost your revenue higher again depending on quality of app. I am sorry if your exp is different than mine .

wow 80% uninstall would be a lot and would affect google play ranking. this is not for me!!!
does anyone know any appbrain alternatives then?

No it depends on your game or app quality. If %80 uninstall rate was everyone’s experience then install networks would not exist haha. Plus once you reach top free category it won’t matter because that’s pure organic downloads.

When I tried (for free) it’s service I had around 80% of uninstalls too but it doesn’t matter to me that much because what I want is to have a huge number of installs in the first day.

I think you can use both AdMob / ApBrain / any other PPI provider and the incentivized service from daywalker ( Pixelpower ?) in order to gain momentum.

My 2 cents.

I intend to do this with my next game.

Yes exactly !!! Get a huge boost over 2-4 days and get on top free list for your category, then organic beautiful downloads occur.

The only other network that can provide similar results to appbrain (in terms of price) is facebook. But the type of app/game matters a lot and needs a lot of optimizing to get the best results. With facebook you can get even lower install prices compared to appbrain if you are targeting countries like India for example. For top countries like US, UK, Australia, appbrain is the best but the number of installs for a $0.2 bid is low.

Uninstall rate is an important factor when calculating ranking in Google Play. Be careful with what you choose. If you want to buy a few thousand such installs then that is ok, but if you’re planning on spending thousands of dollars then I suggest you look elsewhere (non-incentivized installs).

i dont get one thing. how can i get on top free list if uninstall rate will affect google ranking? sorry to bother but i think it is important to know.

Google has an algorithm for calculating the position in the lists for each country. The most important factor is the number of installs. Number of uninstalls, rating, duration of sessions and others are also taken into consideration but have less impact. No one knows exactly the algorithm and how important each of the factors is (except Google).

So yes, you can get up in the ratings with a huge number of installs but you will drop fast once uninstalls start to happen on a massive scale.

thanks for your reply. it’ s exactly what I was wondering.