App2top - scam!

Dima Dukhnich
Ana Rainbow
Kirill Sapozhkov

are scammers and cheaters. They don’t want to refund my money for 1 week, not responding on skype and emails.

App2top is scam and fraud

yes its may be. im waiting 3 weeks 100 USD from but i can not get any response.

They were good but now they are having a bad time. RIP app2top

yea now google are on to them.

also never buy any fake reviews or cheap “REAL” installs.

but it’s bad good bye or good bye temporary to grab money! ;/

I just got mail from them saying that they refunded my money.

Will update here once it will be updated into my accout.

I’ve asked for a payout FOUR times… nothing. Not even an email…

App2top closed but you can try our web buyinstall. You can ask for your trial pack, still have 3 trial 5$

but as is see you only offer installs - but no reviews !

As I understand, the good and important, real no product reviews!

if you need reviews services, please purchase 20$ packet and get 300 installs + 100 reviews. We only accept max 100 reviews per app.
Please note that : we guarantee your reviews in 2 weeks. In 2 weeks if your reviews deleted, feel free to PM me to recover
My skype : buyinstall web

I got $147 credited into my bank long back. They just responded with one msg.

I request a payout a week ago. I’ve sent 10-20 emails but nothing happened. I also contacted via Skype but no answer…
Yes, SCAM!

At the beginning they were good, then google detect and delete their fraud method, and now they are struggling try to find solution to fix their algorithm to trick Google bot again, but still no information about the progress till now, seems they haven’t find solution, and pause the service, but the web still alive, including the balance top up system, and unfortunately I already use their service and paid it via paypal, now my money hang in the balance, I email them a couple times for refund but still no response…

App2Top is nothing but a scam - Stay away from these guys. they have not responded to several email requests for my refund. SCAM SCAM SCAM