banned our app ! why ?

hi all. banned our app ! why ? i can not receive any response from please help me. i register new account on app22top but i can not add app. app status : off :mad::mad::mad:

[SIZE=5]problem solved ![/SIZE]

yep, they dont respond on my tickets too

same was happend with me but see they are just nothing like a company and these all
all installs provide like a emulator and self created
even not big volume. when i contacted with them told me we don’t hv traffic

anyway finaly i found another

called (9xen dot com )

they are seem genuine and multi service provider like can get android and ios app install, reviews, ratings, ASO ,gp account
like multi solutions for android and ios

alternate you can try them, i hope it will help you

What do you mean by BAN here?

Do you mean that your App is banned because of app2top usage OR app2top banned your app?

YES 9XEN is very good and cheap cpi like 0.05$ till provider im using them since last 5 years, great service by them

5 years? this domain was created in 2012

no my app not banned from google play. banned app2top system. when i add app im see status : off. i have 100 usd on my balance but i can not promote my app.

it’s punishment for not used my ref :wink:
contact: app2top dima on skype and he will unban you, it have to be some mistake

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i have 100 USD in this account. :confused:

Let me introduce a good app2top alternative - - The #1 ASO Panel !


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you same with, but your price is higher

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider decreasing our pricing soon due to huge competition !

Our Installs are Incentive Installs or Rewarded Installs and we want to pass on good reward to our user base which can only be possible by charging appropriate amount from advertisers. If we do not pass on good reward to our users then the quality of our user base will be affected. We want to maintain good quality and happy user base.

By the way due to huge competition we are now forced to consider decrease in our pricing. So, may be soon we will decrease our pricing. But at the same time we do not want to compromise with the reward given to users because if we give less reward to users then they may loose their interest in our offer walls and move off to other offer walls.

We want to make our users happy by giving them good rewards. There is always a trade off between CPI, Rewards and Profit in order to maintain quality and over take competition as well.

Any way, we will consider compromising our Profits, because we can not decrease reward of our users as it can affect quality and also we can not just increase bid because of competition. We do not want to compromise with quality. Good quality installs can come with happy users only.

One more point is that if your CPI is low then the speed of campaign will also be slow as compared to high CPI campaign. Also, soon we will implement flexible Bid and Budget system in which you can choose your own CPI Bid but there will be restriction on the minimum bid you can choose.

At last, i would say that quality comes with high price.

hello :slight_smile:
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