App with examples of fake id's that work/don't work

Hello everyone. Would you support such an app where it would be visible what sites provide fake id services or something like that?
By the way, what’s your opinion about fake id?

An app for fake ID’s? That’s one weird idea. Fake ID manufacturers are doing their job underground. I think, if there was an app, the police would easily catch them all.

I think, Guilhas is right. If there would be such an app, it would be dangerous both to those, who sell it and to those, who buy it. What for? If you can search well, you will find something. For example, I used fake ID when I was 19 for entering the club. One of my Holmes told me about a site with fake ID shop reviews. I chose ID Hurry and bought one. It was 2 years ago and no one even suspected, that ID was fake - non cops, non security guys. I still use it to buy stuff from the internet. If you are looking for a fake ID, it can be your option.

The review I was talking about:

Well, I want that app for fake ID searching. By the way, thank you for interesting review :smiley: