app violating ad policy ads interfere with other ads or app

there we go, nice little weekend and google starting to shit me again, this time almost all of my app got 7day warnig due to ads policy, this is occur after i implement startapp inapp sdk after just 2 days, sorry guys it seem google has just lose their mind, or too greedy now.

so now all of my app contain airpush smartwall, startapp in app sdk

anyone face the same warning?

Yep. Actually the emails are still coming in. All my app have received the 7 day warning. (thank god not suspended).

So I take it your using the startapp phone manager? I am sure its no longer allowed. In-app only should be ok though.

no, im not using their postcall manager, only search bar and homepage sdk, what a shame way to kill developer

Wait, what sdks do you have installed?

If you received the warning with only startapp-in app sdk, that may mean that changing the homepage is no longer allowed as well. Because the browser could be considered an app.

i use airpush playsdk, startapp in app sdk without post call, and widdit homebase, this warning just come today, 3 days after use startapp.

Well we have heard so much about users using widdit recently. You can check the threads so you could be facing same issue
Other possibility is that the home page of startapp is another app interference.
I am using startapp with banners and interstitial and no warning

I am getting the warning emails too , I am using Startapp (Full) , Airpush (Inapp only) , and minimob Appwall

Hmmm well of those 3 only widdit homebase is an out of app feature that stays.

I am pretty sure google is just mass emailing everyone to stay out of other apps.

God I really need to know if changing the homepage is against the rules now… that would be the end of startapp.

You using in app search and homepage change from startapp?

yep, well to be honest, i think google is just messing around with their Algorithm right now, maybe until end of the year, s basicall they are preparing all algorithm to mass ban any ad network as they wish so it will be jus a matter of time, i don’t think this will be the end of startapp, many store still accepting their sdk, samsung is the best alternative market for now, so samsung is currently tr their their best to make many developer migrate to them,

try to submit your app on samsung

I think I will do that. Its a good idea to diversify.

I am leaning towards keeping the startapp, in-app search and browser change, mostly because otherwise there really is no point in developing for me.

Guys I would really think twice about using out-of-app solutions at all. Things are changing and times are risky.
I know the extra revenue streams are great, but if it potentially means losing your account(s)…

guys the warning you are getting is because of homepage change. I am using startapp inters in almost every app and banners in few apps and am going strong. In one app I am using widdit but haven’t got any mail.
Since these warning emails are sent in bulk and mostly automated hence do remove startapp/appwiz/… home page and call manager ads.

It shouldn’t be long when the hammer would strike widdit and mobario too.

Same happened to me.

Just received e-mails for 3 of my apps. I use only Startap’s Search Box, interstitials and ExitAds.

Just remove search box and don’t forget to add latest in-app sdk only.

I think its time for me to say good bye to all out of app and PPD networks, their rates are anyways very low now a days so is not worth taking the risk at all.

i got the same warning message,i am using mobile core slider with admob…

This is VERY WEIRD! Have you used any other ad networks with this app before? I’m also using admob and mobile-core in 2 of my apps(with a big number of downloads) but still I’m ok(hopefully it will last forever). This type of ads are super NON-intrusive, can’t understand how you could got such a warning :confused:

So what about this removal?

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the dangerous products provision of the Content Policy:
Applications that cause users to download or install applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play are prohibited.

startapp representative, come and describe the situation instantly !!!

Hi Everyone,

It’s obvious that Google have stepped up their enforcement and have turned very active in sending out warnings to devvs.

The good news that no bans have been made, and a 7 day warning was given to a few developers, some of them have some of our SDK’s (alongside others)

Our team is currently investigating this issue and we will publish soon our conclusions and recommendations. We’re talking to the developers that received the warning.

If you have any question or concern please contact us at [email protected]

Hope to have some news soon,