[APP] [v.2.5.16] Silk Paints Drawing: magic on your fingertips

Silk Paints is one of these apps that you have opened just to take a look at and now don’t know how to turn away.

The main feature of Silk Paints is its magical brushes.

Drawing process dazzles as well as presentations of the result. By the way you can create magic live wallpaper right in the app. Drawing masterpieces in Silk Paints is easy!

There are four sets of brushes for which you’ll have to pay a pair of ducats. But it’s worth it! In-app gallery with our lovely user’s paintings confirms it - http://goo.gl/YcBC6v.

Press the “Play” button to see how your masterpieces come to life. Lines of your drawing are twisting in a magical vortex smoothly appearing on the screen. It’s gorgous! Creators offer to speed up the presentation with help of a multibrush feature and immediately get a large portion of magic.

Drawings look attractive on the black background. If it suddenly seems boring to you use any picture or photo from your phone’s gallery as a background or one of 12 textures proposed by developers.

Crystals - is the local currency in the app. You can get it as a reward for your drawings and likes in social networks. Exchange them for backgrounds or arts from the gallery.

Minimalistic design does not distract you from drawing and the result is always beautiful.

In a word it’s a great app for some kind of meditation and discovering of creativity, which perfectly completes the collection of computer artists and drawing fans.

Has the magic of Silk Paints already captured you?