App updates take longer than before + the app becomes unavailable

When I update an app, not only it takes hours or a day before the updates are reflected on GP, but the app also disappears from GP during that time! Direct link does not work and the app listing disappears as well.

Did anyone else experience this?


did you get email from google for app suspension ?
it might be suspended while updating

@Pharaoh: Nope, it I didn’t. However, the app is up and available now. I guess they do some computerized pre-screening now.

thats for sure ,
now apps gets suspended before being published ,
If Google going to take the Apple approach then why not just reject the app and do not ban the account

Interesting to know. My friend also facing this with new apps. May b probation period introduced by google. Would like to hear more opinions.

Android TV apps are screened, maybe they are trying to do that to all apps. Android TV took similar time to be approved to what you are stating. I will be updating apps today (one for Android TV, one normal), will see how long it takes.

This is basically good news, then. It’s better to disapprove apps early on than later and risk losing the account. I just hope they don’t count a disapproved app as a strike… Let’s see what happens.

Knowing them - they do. :slight_smile:

Currently the appearance of some appz is delayed. Ya may b apps in grey area go into some review queue as in YouTube videos with copyright material.

They do count the number how many times apps are suspended.

I published 3 new apps and 1 app is suspended after 1 day of coming online. During that time my other apps were keep on appearing and disappearing.

Suspended app is still in dadhboard and looks like there is no way of removing it.

Any idea how many suspended apps = account termination?

Though i maintain another developer account from different router+lappy+internet and never ever open my gmail or any sort of google related stuff from another machine.

Would like to listen more whats the recent pattern of Google developer account termination these days?

Shall we go for another separate thread for this?

I don’t know if any of you guys participate in their “Mobile App Developer Panel” discussion board (invite only), but people there are also very upset about these bans. I guess Google did listen and there are some changes coming up.

How do you get an invite? I love reading stuff like that, you can grab popcorn and just enjoy a good rant. :slight_smile:
And by the way - Amazon got his app suspended and they had to release a new version with new package name.


What do you mean by “???”.

Wanted to know that how many apps suspension leads to account termination?

I have no idea. I got an email and joined. There is a mix of people there. But we’re not allowed to share any info from the forums so I won’t be mentioning it again. :slight_smile: