App track on Play Store

Hi all,

i was just wondering, how do you guys keep track of your applications ranking on google play store?
i published my game under Casual and everyday i go to “Top New Free” and “trending” under Casual to see if i got up.
is there a site or something you use to keep track of that?

Free registration required.

Well, you can use AppAnnie analytics to track your application or you can also use the Google Analytics service to track your application over the PlayStore. You can find more information about how to add and all over the Google Support over here. See if it helps you out ! :slight_smile: One more thing Google Analytics is much more better when compared with AppAnnie Analytics ! :smiley:

Thank you on the info. i registered to appannie yesterday and it says it’s fetching the report for my Google Play account and it could take up to one hour.
i think it’s been 10 hours since i did it so maybe i need to contact their support.
about google analytics, i’ve already implemented it in my app and now with the link you sent me i enabled “Get Google Play Developer Console data” but i still don’t understand where i’m suppose to see the rank history?

Thanks guys!

Log yourself onto the Google Analytics, account and things will be shown up over their Google Marketing Platform - Unified Advertising and Analytics

maybe i’m missing something, i can see all my stats there like Active Users, session and everything.
but i can’t find anything related to ranking in Top New charts and stuff like that.

Well, yes I know its lagging somewhere because it doesn’t shows you the Top new charts and the stuff like that ! :frowning:

ok, thanks for the help!

No problem at all ! Also let me know about the over all experience which you have while using it !