[APP/TOOL][FREE][2.3+] MISS - My Internet StatuS

Hello Guys,

Allow me to share with you a tool I created to notify the user of the internet status change, via notification ( out loud )

The app name is MISS. My Internet StatuS. And it is a simple process that notifies you when you cannot connect to the Internet using a notification with a custom A.I. Speech. The notification can be customized.

I always wanted this simple functionality but I never found it natively in any ROM that I know, and the apps on the market uses HTTP or DNS request which fails some times due to caching. MISS using a low level Linux (since it is android : ) )ping request that never give a false negative or positive 99% of the times.

Check it out and let me know what you think:

Google Play:

Youtube Tutorial + Live DEMO @1:55
MISS - My Internet StatuS - YouTube

screenshot3_EN (2).jpg

Hope you like it and find it usefull