App Suspended with Mobilecore Only

Today My app got suspended from google play for ad policy violation for deceptive behavior, ads were mimicking system messages. The only adnetwork I had was mobilecore so not sure why the app got suspended because they don’t have such ads.

I responded to the email for the appeal

Google is really bad… if they mean something like “your phone has a virus, please click to clean” I’ve seen them in some Apps and were actually served by Admob
Please let us know how it’s going

Only thing I can think of is the Battery Sticky they have that makes it looks like a battery is charging, but even this doesnt look like it is part of the system.

And Frikken Native ads which is the NEW FAD right now they mimic the Apps UI so technically they are not allowed according to their policies.

What ad format you used for mC? Maybe sticky ads is the problem as you said. Let’s wait for google response.

if they even respond

First of all, Google is a shitty dictator! Like if you agree! :smiley:

Regarding mobileCore ads, I just uploaded and updated a lot of apps in Playstore 2 days ago. My apps use mC(v1.1) and startapp. They went live on the Playstore just fine. So personally, I can say mC is safe!