App Suspended - (Title/Description)

Hi Guys,

I ve been lurking on this forums for years, but only recently i registered to ask some info and hopefully in the future to help others with my experience. One of my apps has recently been suspended due to:

[i]REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the spam provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the keyword spam policy help article for more information.

Your title and/or description attempts to impersonate or leverage another popular app without permission. Please remove all such references. Do not use irrelevant, misleading, or excessive keywords in apps descriptions, titles, or metadata.[/i]

I sent them email to [email protected] with a new title and description and how to proceed since i cannot modify the current app.

Now my questions are:

  1. How can i update my title and description when the app is suspended?
  2. Shall i wait for their reply or upload the same app with a new package name and decent description and title, basically a new game it seems.


no need to wait their reply, upload the same app with new package name and title

so basically i use add new app? right? just to be sure

thanks mate

You SHOULD reply them, it costs nothing and if they re-activate your app, major are the chances that your strike(account app ban) will not be count. Also, it costs nothing to ask about it, worst has already happened :slight_smile:

thanks for help, i submitted again with another title and package, and i changed a few things.

OK, just for fun, what was the title that got suspended :slight_smile: not another Kim Kardashian ? :slight_smile:

keep in mind that is STRIKE 1. 3 and GOD GOOGLE will suspend your account. Playing in the effin dark is so much fun!.

well its was a heavily inspired flappy game with Flappy Dog in title, of course it wasn’t a direct clone like most do, it contains waves, different mechanics in some segments etc, but it seems google has started to go mad on Flappy titles, at the same time some idiots might just reported me just because they are asses, and the google shit algoritm put my app on suspended instead of 7 day warning thing where you can modify things. I hate google, its a shity company with horrible support for all their products, cant wait for them to dissapear some day.


In the end its all for the best, a fresh start.

Dude… Google is uber scared of the word FLAPPY. They are worried that HOT games, like flappy bird, will create ONLY clones in their marketplace. While this may be true, it would only be for a few months at the most. No idea why such a smart company makes such bad decisions. Anywho, google sucks azz, but that they made the Android move on the world, you cant do without the effin Play Marketplace. Plus I understand the dude that made Flappy Bird, is putting it back on soon. LOL… So you know they are ( well their bot) is on the lookout. Google needs to hire ppl to watch over the marketplace like Apple.