App Suspended Because of "Violation of the Ad Policy "

i’m using
startapp 2.4.9
latest appnext sdk
latest mobilecore sdk

and i have my app suspended what’s the problem could any body help because there is another app i have 7 days warning because of " Potential violation of the Impersonation or Deceptive behavior and/or intellectual property provisions of the Content Policy."
please help!!

What ad types are you displaying? Interstitial and / or banners?

and what do you mean by “and / or intellectual property”, did they tell you the reason for the violation?

Interstitial and banners

they didn’t specify any thing

I received the same violation but I only use StartApp interstitials.
I believe they have ads that imitate system functions like the play store, but startapp have suggested it’s because I show interstitials on exit and they are sometimes transparent…
I’d recommend removing startapp from your other apps if they use them

Startapp is the only one that others on the forum have claimed this violation. Some devs get away with it while others dont. Its a gamble.