App Suspended at Google Play, Will it affect my Admob?

One of my new app has been suspended today from Google Play and got a mail from google saying it has violated their Intellectual Property policy. Even though app was month old, it was making some decent earnings.

I want to know, do I need to delete this app from Admod as its already suspended from Google Play? Will it affect my admob account in anyway? Or leave it as it is and earn residual money from already downloaded users? :confused:

I think deleting it won’t help anyway. They already know that the admob account is connected to that GP account. This is my only my guess though.

Why they banned you exactly? u know?

You dont need to delete the app dont worry just earn money :smiley:

Just hope you can take your revenue before they suspend your account

You mean they delete whole admob acct because of one app got removed? My other apps are running fine. Don’t terrify me. lol. :cool:

Yeah taimur97, I have removed my google play address in admob app settings and left it to default. Hope that’s not a problem.

same with me my app was making 50.00 a day and then got suspended. I don’t know what to to with the admob ad associated with the app?

what i have seen before is that,
if your app gets suspended your admob account also gets suspended(sooner or later).
But if your google play account gets suspended(not your apps) admob is not affected and it continues to earn from the active users

From my experience I can tell you that if your app got suspended your admob will not.

@gDev so how was your Admob account? still running & generate income, and able to cash out?

From my experience, AdMob will keep working. I had apps/accounts banned and AdMob is still generating revenue from apps in other stores. I just don’t use this AdMob account anymore to monetize new apps in GP.