App Suspended at Google Play, what with earnings from that game on Admob?

One of my new app has been suspended today from Google Play and got a mail from google saying it has violated their Intellectual Property policy. Even though app was month old, it was making some decent earnings.
It will be paid off or not?
And can you suggest me what next to do?

Unless your Admob account gets closed, then you will still be paid. It takes a lot of app suspensions on Admob to lose that account.

Is your app for iOS too?

No, it’s just for Android.

Forget your admob payment if it is below 100$, otherwise you will get paid.

Where you monetizing only with Admob?

No, it’s more than 100$, much more.

Yeah, I use Admob for 3 years and I do not use any other.

So while you are waiting to have your admob account put back into good standing, I would look into getting another network or networks integrated in your app.

You’ve prolly seen my posts by now about Enhance and how you can integrate multiple SDKs in minutes. If not, Hi!
This case is pretty specific and actually one good reason to integrate your networks with Enhance.

Heres the quick sales pitchy part : Using Enhance, you can now integrate all of the services that providers offer without ever having to touch an SDK again. With little to NO coding at all and without touching source code, Enhance® is the easiest way to integrate 3rd party services into your project or to keep them up to date. (Ads, Mediation, Analytics, Attribution, Crash Reporting and more) No more SDK integration!!!
End pitchy part.

So, for your situation, you prolly want to use admob again when you are in good standing. Using Enhance, lets say you picked a network A and network B while waiting. Two weeks from now, Admob is ready to go again. Normally, the next step would require a lot of coding. Not with Enhance. You can go into your Enhance dashboard, click a few buttons and simply swap out the networks or add admob in without coding. Just a few clicks and a few minutes.

You can also keep the other networks in your app and setup a waterfall to help insure there is good fill.

Check it out here :

Its a great way to avoid coding SDKs ever again.
Hit me up if you have any questions!
Good luck.

Have you tried any other ad networks? With mediation you can keep admob + profit from other ad networks at the same time.