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Besides google play, what other third party app stores do you developers also upload?
Some stores are strict and some stores are more lax-ed.

To kick off, let me offer a strict app store. Slide-me. They rejected my apps because they feel it is impossible for a solo developer to be able to churn out so many apps. They feel some ideas among various apps could be merged and presented as one app. Well this argument could very well apply to those live wallpaper and other apps when their functionalities are essentially the same just with graphics,sounds and cosmetic changes isn’t it? They are looking for those more feature-packed within a single app I would think.

My personal thinking is sometimes the user only have one simple need. They just need an app to do that ONE task fast. If an app that has multiple features packed into one, isn’t it going to get the users confused as most likely out of so many features, the user may only need just one of them? Just think of the Word software, how many users uses ALL the features it provided isn’t it?

From a developer side, whenever we have more features packed within a single app, the number of bugs and complexity is going to increase exponentially. Supporting this app is going to be higher maintenance cost.

Hi! I will provide an example/review of my results (please note that I started uploading to alternative stores a month o later than the google play store)
1600 active/4000 total

Running Pony 3D: Little Race | SlideME
522 total

Opera Mobile Store
88 total

Yandex App Store
422 (although it’s for my Unicorn game, which is very similar - I’ll have to upload the pony game there)

I uploaded to LG/Samsung stores but will have to check later. I also noticed that my app began appearing on random sites when I search for it on google.
I also recently paid a freelancer on this forum to translate the app into Chinese and upload to Chinese app stores (currently in progress) - this is an experiment and I’m interested to see the results (I can provide the name/contact details if you are interested)

I will also upload to Amazon but I need to sort out my bank account / taxes first

How is your experiment going with third party app stores?

I found lot of app stores here
Understanding 3rd Party Android App Stores | Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog
But I am not sure which one is good
Can you suggest some good app store which can drive us some more downloads?


Can you share links for Chinese app store ?

Amazon is annoying with taxes. If you’re not based in the US, you get less than 50% of your earnings.