[APP] Smart Assistant with NFC tools - manage the behavior of your smart phone

Just imagine the situation: You are rushing into work because of important meeting. You luckily arrived just in time, happy that you did not forget anything. Unless… You realize that you forget to turn off your ringtones, the moment your phone start to ring. But it is too late and the embarrassment is already born.

Smart Assistant is application which helps you to effectively manage the behaviour and settings of your smart phone with GPS, Wi-Fi, time, NFC, Bluetooth and charger triggers. Thus, you can easily teach your phone how to behave on exact places at exact time.

Smart Assistant also offers free NFC tools to manage your NFC tags.

Top Features:
★ pre-created profile templates - WIZARDs
★ widget to quickly launch a profile/action
★ share website or YouTube video via NFC (in YouTube app or in browser)
★ free NFC Tools
★ free backup & restore via Google Drive
★ available also in French, Slovak, Spanish, Czech
★ new action: navigate me to - uses Google, Sygic, Waze
★ updated Wizard - CAR - can run Navigation Apps, even navigate to action
★ new setting: synchronization
★ new action: call

You can find this app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sk.i2m.smart.assistant&hl=en_GB

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New version 1.43 released!
Notes easily editable, text-to-speech notes, new languages (German, Polish and Korean)!

Version 2.01 available!
★ Redesigned user interface
★ Call filter plug-in
★ Referrals - get free features for recommending our app
★ 4 new triggers: call, battery, headset, ringer mode
★ Dock trigger (Coming soon)
★ Minor bug fixes