App review sites: importance - best sites?

The idea would be to discuss the significance of getting your app reviewed by app review sites. Furthermore, it would be interesting to discuss the best/most important sites (for different countriees) and share experiences about them.

As for Bridge Constructor, we had 3 reviews so far:

AppEggs - free version (July 10)
AndroidZoom - free + full version (July 12)
AndroidTapp - full version (July 21)

Since the app had a constantly rising number of installs anyway, it was difficult to say how much of it was due to the effect of the reviews. No extremely outstanding peaks, however. Not even with AndroidTapp, which is supposed to be one or the most important review site. There was a rise after the review but that was also a Saturday and as you all know, installs rise in general at weekends.

We have a big one coming up on AndroidPIT next week, with a Featured App promo and I can tell you more about it afterwards. However, so far I’m not sure about the significance of reviews.

I mainly did it because I thought it would heighten the general awareness for the game. And it was one of the steps mentioned in this Gamasutra article

Thats a very interesting article at Gamasutra, thanks for sharing. For the reviews you got, did you pay for them, or just submit your app and ask them to review? Or did you do nothing and they found it themselves?

I’ve actually paid for a review from before, and since I was only getting a few downloads a day at the time for the app, I could see a spike in the installs. If I remember correctly the review netted me a few thousand installs.

It’s interesting … Robo Miner had some luck being reviewed by many sites on their own. There was an article at a xda-developer blog about it, which truely give it some kick off right in the beginning.

I also found different mentionings on blogs all around the web after some time - so you just need the right impulse and a game which people like to get some spread I think.

Johann of Maniac Dev has compiled 168 app review sites here:

Also, I would suggest Tapscape. They review both iOS and Android apps. They have a PageRank of 5 and an Alexa rank of less than 50k.

Hope it helps!

Hi guys,
My game just get reviewed by AndroidZoom here:
but I don’t see it in the latest reviews here:

Is it because it need time to refresh or I need to pay to get the review there?

I’ve got a review on a Dutch site, it gave a spike in downloads, but after a while the downloads dropped again:

Hi guys,
quick update:
I ask them why my review was not in latest reviews and they tell me that only some of the reviews done by them are there because they review a lot apps/games.
Anyway today they decide to make my game “Today’s Pick” :slight_smile:
I never be lucky until now to get more downloads but I hope this will give to my game a downloads boost.