App rejected due to Incorrect Content Rating (I'm confused)

Google’s algorithm rejected my new for “Incorrect Content Rating” but it didnt say why it was incorrect. They need more people at Google reviewing this manually rather than machines. It just made no sense. Im afraid to resubmit the app as they may just suspend the app and ban my account completely.

Should I do do the Content Rating again and re-submit app or file appeal ?

Appreciate any words of wisdom

You should read again the google’s policy, maybe you violated google policy regarding app development because if it did not mention any reason so probably you violate google policy by mistake.
I hope this will help you.

All apps and games on Google Play need to follow the Google Play Developer Content Policy
Here in this you can find what are the Google play content policy that every app developer should follow.
You can read the rules and re-submit your application in Google play. I hope your app fulfill all requirements of Google play and get approved soon.