[APP] Rapid Fitness - Chest Workout (free)

Rapid Fitness – Chest Workout is the ultimate personal fitness instructor designed to help you build a big, powerful chest and fantastic overall fitness!

Rapid Fitness focuses on high-intensity training, which minimizes workout time and maximizes results. Train from the comfort of your home using only your body weight, with workouts starting from only five minutes to accommodate even the busiest lifestyle. New to training? No stress! Rapid fitness caters to all fitness levels, including having the ability to design custom workouts!

*High-quality exercise Demonstration Graphics
*Constant, step-by-step feedback from the Voice Coach
*4 Workout Routines (beginner, intermediate, advanced, extreme)
*Create your very own workout with our Custom Feature
*12 different chest Exercises to choose from
*26 Achievements to motivate and inspire you
*Keep your workouts fresh with the Randomize Feature
*Built-in Circuit Training feature for explosive workout routines
*Link to Video Tutorials to help you with proper form
*Workout Calendar & Statistics to keep you informed
*Daily workout Reminders – Never miss a workout!

Rapid Fitness is all about targeting a specific body part, for maximum results in that area! The short, explosive workouts will do wonders for your heart and waistline alike!

We honestly believe that our apps can compete with some of the top-ranked apps on the store at present in terms of quality, functionality and overall professionalism. We would be extremely grateful for any assistance with the promotion of our apps or for any feedback – positive or negative.

Want more?

Chest Workout is only part 1 of a 7-part workout series! Also available in the Rapid Fitness series are:

*Leg Workout
*Arm Workout
*Abs Workout
*Butt Workout
*Cardio Workout
*Seven Minute Workout (Original & Advanced)
*Total Workout (Coming Soon!)

Rapid Fitness – For a fitter, stronger you in only minutes a day!