App Publishing and payments


We have just finished developing our first paid android app for one of our customers. We’re trying to understand how payments will be made to our customer’s account. Should the customer open a publisher account and submit the apk themselves or can we submit it and make the payments go to their account for that particular App!? How do App development companies deal with this !? In the future, if we develop several paid apps, how will we publish all them on our store and make the money go to each customer !?

Thanks in advance!

  • Publish them on your account, handle all the transactions, fees etc., keep 10% for management taxes, give the rest to the client. How ? Manually, every month…

Or make unique accounts for every customer, these are the two things you can do.

this might be a better idea, because your account might get the ban hammer.

CodeNgo is a self-publishing tool that allows you to submit to Android stores on behalf of your clients. This means that you can handle submissions and updates but the accounts are set up in your clients’ name and they can take over the accounts at any time should you choose to pass them on. CodeNgo - Appstores Self-publishing service for Android Developers Send me a PM if you need more info.

I want to recommend you about payment gateway
subscription billing Saas Model - that allow any Mobile app to run in Saas model
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