App Over 6 Months Marketing

I have tried advertising my app for over 6months now via Facebook groups and Twitter.
I have spammed 100 messages a day inn groups daily and lots of tweets on Twitter but still my app only has 2900 total downloads and gets 30-40 organic downloads a day.

I have a max description with lots of key words but I’m still ranked 26 in “drunk” and 112 in “blocker” and I am unranked in all other words.

I ask most people and they say it is a very good idea and like it but it doesnt relate to downloads.

I want your HONEST opinion. Does my app suck and should I just give up on it and move on or continue to work with it?

Am I doing something wrong?

Here is my app:

you should have researched your niche ,
Your app is directed for very small group of users and no matter how much marketing you have done , it will still get such small download numbers ,
My advice to you is move on , stop marketing this app and start your next project , but this time you need to be sure that the next app will have much more demand ,

try to look in the GP for apps similar for the app you will start and check the downloads volume ,
this will give you a good indicator about the market size for your app

Good luck

Solid advice, the app has a really small audience. Make another one targeting more people and spam twitter and Facebook to death, at least you doing that right :slight_smile:

I agree with him. Make a new app.

If you want to get Good rank of your application then its time to share this application to all the relevant social platforms and pages from where active users are available. In this way you can easily get top rank in Google play store.

can you give some examples of pages you use?

A lot, but first look here: and here:
First one sold 500+ for $1, second one has 50.000+ downloads, so it’s not that your niche is too small for profit.

Before I answer, I like to tweak and test my apps, so I got some data. Like here is a game that went from 0 to 5000 downloads in 7 months, than made 6000 in two months after I tweaked few things and currently gets 200+ organic downloads per day. 0$ spent on marketing, no time spent on marketing except tweaking to get organic installs on google play. Hope that gives me some small credibility before I answer your question.

Now for what your doing wrong:

  1. Current social media alhorythms are making marketing there hard - ROI your getting with time spent there is poor
  2. Your icon sucks (I make icons and test a lot how changing them affects downloads, your icon takes A LOT of potential organic downloads from you), you have nice screens tho, but not many people see them becouse of the icon. I can say your icon would look nice were it 2000x2000, but with current sizes? thats just beer, noone gonna notice any fancy stuff inside or the tiny lock - your losing around a 100 free downloads per day just becouse of that
  3. Description - you really could do better here, I understand ASO is important, but make at least 3 first sentences really good and describing the app in full. Don’t go with positive, go with negative - fear of doing stupid stuff is your selling point, not enjoyment of getting wasted.
  4. Whats unique about your app? I saw it in a movie about google internship and their idea was better (you had to solve math problem to unlock), from your material I’m not really understanding what is gonna stop me from uninstalling your app and messaging my ex.
  5. Show more data - installs, uninstalls, current installs - those matter a lot.

Hope that helps and you fix your problem. You could also hit a more popular niche, but thats not gonna solve what your doing wrong - you will just fail somewhere else, becouse in this niche your having almost no competition, it should be easy to get no1 app in this category. When you make a candy crush clone it’s gonna be much harder than that.

I think op paid some freelancer to make the app.Otherwise he would have just moved on with a new app. My advice spend two months and learn android instead of promoting this app.

I recently changed the name and it has had a big impact. It doubled the daily downloads and impressions. I also added translations and that seemed to help. I am averaging 80 downloads a day now. I will look into editing the description and trying to make a new icon. Thanks for the advise.

I may also add a premium version with ad free.

I will look into adding more features too.

Wow! Bronsoner,

These are great tips. Could you please have a look at my app :slight_smile:

What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried improving icon over time, but I’m not a graphics designer I’m a programmer. Is my icon or screenshots a problem? maybe it’s my description.

I would be really interested in what you or anyone else have got to say about my game :slight_smile:

thank you in advance…


Sure, I can point what can be improved in your game as well.

  1. Icon - defenetly could be better, check my app icon portfolio for some examples. The frog itself is fine, your borders are bad tho and make a feeling of not much effort put into the icon.
  2. Opening line in description - is this really OLNY for frog lovers? Don’t close your audience so hard, stick to general google categories. Something like ‘You love playing casual games and enjoy playing with your family? If yes then jump in and save the frog.’
  3. ASO - description could be longer, try to use ‘frog game’ phrase 4-5 times in it, also just do some more aso in general
  4. Too many links in description make it look like your trying too hard - stick to 1 good link thats significant
  5. Why is your content rating low maturity?
  6. Screens look bland

Hope that helps.

Hi Bronsoner,

Thank you for taking the time to review my game, it’s really appreciated :slight_smile: I will definitely incorporate your suggestions.
below are my comments (excuses)…

  1. I’ve kind of modelled my icon on this game’s icon as it is popular and features a frog as well. But looking at your icons I see what you mean about the borders.
  2. Completely agree with you, your opening is much better. Not sure about “playing with your family” bit, because the game is not multiplayer (yet).
  3. Agree again, will do.
  4. Agree again, will do or maybe push them down to the bottom of the description
  5. I’ve read somewhere that if your app uses AdMob adds then the rating should be “low maturity”
  6. Agree, but they are real screenshots of the game. Do you think I should do something like in “Tap The Frog” game, where they put the screenshots inside another frame with a caption at the bottom?

thanks again :slight_smile:

Could you please have a look at my app :
I know I did wrong everything but I don’t know how to fix :frowning:

As for no 6 - take a look at the Catch the Bomb screen I made for one of my clients - Other Graphics « Michal Ksiadzyna $5 App Icons
There was not much that could be done there, but I did what I could.

Basically screens showing how your game is played and fun moments are good, just showing some play area is not enough.

  1. Thats a nice icon. You could add rounded edges to make it more closed (looks better among other icons in the store), but otherwise it’s good
  2. Movie - flash effect you use to change scenes is horrible, makes my eyes hurt and is too long - use fast black screen. Your game graphics are pretty nice, but why do you zoom so much? Some of scenes and monsters are really making me interested, but the music is too calm, action too slow and movie in overall too long - give me fast look into best gameplay moments and I click ‘Install’ right away.
  3. I feel like I should be charging $5 for this :wink:
  4. Description - your opening line is not bad, caters to fantasy audience. What I would do is make just 1 condensed sentence just before that text, something like: Tower Defense RPG with over 100 different enemies and 30 maps. If someone found the right game, he/she can click ‘Install’ right now, doesn’t have to read all the text to make sure it’s the right choice.
  5. Your first screen is BAAAAD! You have such amazing scenes in the movie, yet chose something so bland as first screen? Come on!
  6. You practically didn’t do aso, right?
  7. Don’t apologize for inexperience, this is a good game. Sure it’s not Kingdom Rush, but don’t feel bad about your product - be proud.
  8. Right after the “Magical Kingdom. A peaceful land until one day…” text block
    Insert the review opinion ’ 8/10: "Overall, Tink …’
  9. I downloaded the game - ok thats some unique take on tower defense - be sure to say that in your description
  10. This game is probably best played on a tablet, so use tablet in your description
  11. Don’t post technical stuff in what’s new - inform of new hero, map or significant update for players, they don’t care much for technical info

Btw. about the icon - you really don’t see the difference? The one you linked to is much better than yours - better use of colors and lighting. What do you use to make graphics?

I am not sure this: “We have 7 kind of spells: PHYSIC, FIRE, ROOTS, WATER, THUNDER, ICE, CHAOTIC” won’t trigger keywords bot. I would avoid such lists if I were you.

Why? They are normal words. You mean that they are mentioned one after antoher separated by comma?

Yes, Google bot might think they are keywords and we all know you can’t argue with Google bot.

Seem I’m willing to pay you :). Your opinions are very useful for me.
I practically didn’t do aso. I didn’t know it until I released the game. I have tried using mobiledevhq to observe my keywords. But I do not know what to do with it next. Please give me advice on this.
Thank you very much :slight_smile: