[APP] Music Player App Equalizer & bass booster


Music player is the best Music player app that will give you the most powerful music experience providing our Music player with the high quality Music Equalizer, it supports all Music formats, we developed this Music player app with the best design


our Music player app features came to provide all your needs and so flexible for best Music experience
Main tap for Songs - Albums - Artists - Genres - Playlists easy to switch easily to reach

  • you can so easily use this Music Player App to add your favorite songs in a playlist

  • our Music PlayerApp formats play all the audio files u own mp3, mp4,wav , aac, flac, WMA*,aiff, m3u, pls, wv, mpc, wpl

  • Home Screen widgets with Music Controls and image

  • small notifcation widget to control The Music Player App

  • Sleep timer to stop the Music player in a specific time

  • this Music player app allows quick search for favorite songs

  • you can use this Music Player App to set any song as ringtone

  • Equalizer

  • edit album art

  • download missing album images

  • widget inside main app for free switching and easy access to the main player by one click and switch songs by swib right and left

  • Geners with ( House , metal , pop , rock )

  • Playlist with last added and history

  • My top tracks

  • favourites list

  • and u can create your own playlist by names

  • Button in main list to shuffle all the songs inside

  • another playlist inside the main player for easy use

  • Remove any Songs by easy clicks

  • play songs by Add to Queue

  • photos on songs

  • designed for the best user experience

  • in this Music Player App you play songs by just Artists if you like to listen to Specific Artist

  • share Music, songs, audio file From the Music Player App with anyone

  • take a specific song to play next

  • go to album for a specific song

  • Music player app not just for songs you can also listen to long audio books
    the music player automatically scan for all the audio file and songs inside your phone

Download this Music player app for the best Music experience it’s Totally free
we worked hard to provide the best Music Player App if you have any problems contact us by email


Download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seifalashmawy.MusicPlayer

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