App monetization offerwall customized ads , video ads , etc, whatever you want

hope you are doing well. My name is John, a head of overseas enterprise group of medium of Adxmi. We provide app monetization service, our ads form have offerwall, interstitial, customized ads, video, etc. You just need to embed the SDK(about 200K) to your app, or link to your app with our API. ECPM $5~22.And there has been a lot of developers have cooperated with us, such as cheetahs, taobao, 360, etc. Do you have interest to cooperate with us? Looking forward to your reply
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John 梁李昌
ADXMI - Your Specialist of Promotion & Monetization
Global Developer Monetization - 海外媒介经理
Email: [email protected]
Skype: john588lc
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[email protected]

I intergrate Adxmi Ads but it not show Ads on my app. What happen?

This is Ads code.


    AdManager.getInstance(MainActivity.this).init("8bf889f427aa29c3", "55cbf438f9931a8e");

    // (Optional) Close Adxmi log output. It is suggested that developers shouldn't close it during integration,
    // because developers can catch the real-time output information to locate the issue when issue occurs.
    // AdManager.getInstance(Context context).setEnableDebugLog(false);

    // Common Initialization, invoke it when application launches. Parameters: appId, appSecret, enable or disable
    // test mode
    //(option)Interstitial ads animation,0:ANIM_NONE,1:ANIM_SIMPLE,2:ANIM_ADVANCE
    //(option) set  Interstitial  Adxmi Label Layout to Visibility true:is yes  false: is no

    // PreLoading Interstitial ads

// Interstitial.getInstance(MainActivity.this).showAd(MainActivity.this);

            new InterstitialListener() {

                public void showSuccess() {
                    Log.e("adxmi interstitial", "interstitial success");

                public void showFailed() {
                    Log.e("adxmi interstitial", "interstitial fail");

                public void onAdClosed() {
                    Log.e("adxmi interstitial", "interstitial close");

                public void onAdClick() {
                    Log.e("adxmi interstitial", "interstitial click");