App monetization. MobFox and lower revenue than expected.


I’ve just uploaded my app with 320x50 banners for a few days, and I got 0.14$ for 1400 impressions and ~5 clicks. That’s 0.10$ eCPM. I was expecting something like 0.50$ eCPM…

  • I’ve set a floor CPM price of 0.50$, but it does not make any difference.
  • Were my expectations too high?
  • What can I do to increase my revenue?

I’m using MobFox Exchange (no external ad network mediation).


What are your major GEOs? That will have a big impact on your CPM rates for banners.

What was your fill rate?

  • Fill rate of 98%
  • I don’t know what do you mean with GEOs. I have my app available worlwide and fully translated to english. But the principal userbase is in Spain.

The app was only live for two days, tough. But I want to be sure that everything is correct.

Thank you for your help!

They answered my ticket saying that I could try to increase the floor price… :confused: Well, I’ll try it…

But I though a 0.50 floor price was a good idea… I’ll maybe try with 1$ floor price and see what happens.

Uhhh… sorry? I absolutely don’t understand vietnamese… :confused:

Hola Nacho,

Supongo que hablas Español, yo estoy igual, el mes pasado con Mobfox las impresiones en España tamaño banner sobre 0.5-0.6 ecpm, pero este mes llevo una media de 0.15$ de ecpm, me cubre cerca del 100% pero con ese ecpm ruinoso pues no cunde, si encuentras la solución con alguna mediación o algo avisa.

GEO = locations, Geography, aka Spain, as you replied. Different countries will have different eCPMs.

Send me an email at [email protected] — I’ll help you get integrated and boost your CPMs with our SDK.

Are you only willing to try banners?


I suggest giving AerServ a try. We offer a robust video mediation platform plugged into over 40 ad networks. We also offer banners, static interstitial, MRAID, VPAID and more. If you aren’t interested in using any external ad networks you can utilize our aerMarket exchange to boost CPM and fillrate. I am confident you’d get significantly higher eCPMs through aerMarket.

Are your users mainly located in Spain? Also, if you’re looking for higher CPMs I would suggest trying out our video interstitial unit. Publishers are seeing CPMs north of $8 and we expect to see an increase as we approach the holiday season.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: [email protected] or via Skype: Philiptse85

If you’re interested I can give you a quick demo of our platform.



how much do we earn per completed video?


We are non performance based and pay on CPM rather than CPCV or CPI. We offer 100% branded ads, our video ads typically yield CPMs ranging from $4-9. If you’re interested in maximizing video fill rate and revenue I would suggest using our mediation platform to mediate between various other supported video networks and make them compete for your inventory.

We’ve also just released our virtual currency or rewarded video support which is a great way to keep your users happy while getting awesome performance for your video ads.


Regardless of the GEO?

These CPMs are for our stronger GEOs which consist of US, UK, CA, AU, DE, RU. For international traffic I suggest using our other supported ad networks. I can suggest networks to use if you tell me your traffic breakdown. We support the majority of networks via S2S so makes it extremely simple to implement new networks or pause them on the fly.


How long is your payout??


Standard is net60 but depending on your volume we can do net45.

I sent you a PM

yeah… that’s wayyy too long.

I believe it is way too long is due to them needing to get the monies from the various networks. They connect to many networks to get ads to send out to our apps. This mean in our Android apps, we only integrate their SDK. Then they use server to server integration to other ad networks to get ads to deliver to us. From our side, we only integrate ONE sdk but indirectly we get ads from other ad networks. If say their server to server integration allow us to specify ad network for which we also have an ad account, they can get ads from there instead. We need to do it in the portal and they will do server to server integration at their backend.

I believe Mobfox,Aerserv,Appodeal,Smaato etc are using these server to server model at their back-end. Why some ad networks can pay earlier would implies they are absorbing the risk on themselves in order to retain us provided we can provide good traffic for them. So they say case by case basis.

What I don’t like is why some of them expose other ad network Activity tag we need to put in our AndroidManifest.xml ? These make our xml file un-necessarily complicated. Logically we should only put ONE ad network Activity tag. Then that ad network use server to server to get ads and then deliver them to us via their Activity tag. In this implementation aspect, different ad network approach it differently. Always remember, as publisher we want to keep our AndroidManifest.xml as clean as possible (at least for me). Imagine we use Mediation, we still need to put all those mediated network libraries inside our libs folder.