App Mediation

Hi Guys,

I’ve been searching on here and google all day trying to figure out a good ad mediation network. I would have gone with appodeal but it seems like in the past month or 2 some sketchy things have happened. Some others I found were, AddApptr, MoneyTap, and Adtoapp. Not much info/reviews on them, is anyone using them or tried them? Looking for alternatives to Appodeal, anything helps.


Are you looking for mediation, or ad network aggregation? Very different.


I’ve seen appodeal advertising on here. I’m not sure if they’re legit, but I can see how it might be an enticing officer for the budding app developer.

I was originally going to go with them, I did some research a few months back but when I checked today, they seem kind of fishy. Issues with payments and admob are sketchy imo.

Hi Oddball,

what ad units are you looking to implement? Supersonic’sSDK includes 4 monetization products including mobile video with ad mediation- basically you can serve HD mobile videos from leading ad networks, including Airpush, AdMob, Vungle, Fyber and Adcolony. The mediation algorithms also ensure you serve the highest paying ads first- so you’ll make the maximum revenue.

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Based on what I’ve researched, leadbolt, admob, appnext, unity, and mobilecore would be ones I’d want. Maybe chartboost too, I use them for iOS and its a top network, havent heard much about it on Android.

Give mopub a try … I used but not liked them…have to try aerserv

I tried MoPub for iOS and wasn’t impressed, ended up using Heyzap. I would use them (Heyzap) for Android but they don’t seem to support some of the better android networks such as leadbolt, appnext, mobilecore, etc. I sent them an email to find out if they are/will be incorporating these networks, I will post what they reply.

I tried Fyber they have nice website and documentation but i only used them to get my video ads in order. I think its all about who supports better networks and has better automatic eCPM adjustment script. You can take a look at them. Mopub sucks when it comes to implementation but you can use mopub with almost any network.
Fyber supported networks are:

That is 100% it. We had issues with MoPub integration and their support was almost no help so we went with heyzap, worked out well for iOS. Hard to find something with it all though. Appodeal seems popular but sketches me out, not sure if I want to take the chance with them.

any experience with admob mediation?

planning to use FAN for banners.

Not really, never had a need. I think I tried it way back when I first started apps but never noticed much. Using a real mediation platform like Heyzap (for me personally) has been amazing. Like mentioned before, you want something that has a system for showing the best possible ad, it makes a HUGE difference.

i heard about Heyzap. but never tried.
but strategy you adopt on Heyzap.
i mean the order of networks based on bid and backfill?

Picked some networks and that was it, Heyzap does the rest. I have been adding more too, takes extra SDK’s but its worth it.
I’m waiting to hear back from them about some of the Android networks. What works well on Android seems to be different than iOS so I want to make sure they are going to support it.

I added a poll to the thread, curious how many people use mediation.

Just signed up with heyzap . Dash board and picking networks looking awesome…have to Integrate the SDK and see how it performs…:slight_smile:

Yes, sorry for not updating. I spoke with someone at Heyzap and they are adding new networks all the time, leadbolt is currently being added. I am happy with them for iOS so I will just continue to use them.

This heyzap looks really good… Let us know how it is performing:) Is adding the network complicated or not?

Adding networks is way better than any mediation platform…its pretty easy …have to see how it performs…I will update my stats when I have some decent impressions…