App Mediation/Networks recommendations

Hello Everyone,

I am working on an NON Gaming app and would like to know what some of the most profitable ad networks are.
I am aware of the fact that until you try different ad networks, one would not know what works best for their app.
Most of the ad networks are suited for the gaming apps so was looking for some guidance from the more experienced publishers

(1) For interstitials, video ads and banner ads, which ad networks are recommended for a non gaming app (apart from Admob and Vungle as I’ll be integrating them)

  • InMobi, Mobilecore, Leadbolt, Startapp or appnext or any other

(2) Instead of going with multiple ad networks, can we just use ad mediation networks, if so which one? MoPub, AdTapsy or any other network (found that admob is not compatible with some of the ad networks)

(3) With an Ad mediation network, can I use all/some of the ad networks to see which one works best and later on select just what I want to use based on the results? Can that be done directly from the ad mediation dashboard or do we have to modify the code

Any suggestions will be very helpful.

Thanks Arra

use apodeal almost all top notch ad networks are on their mediation platform… See the link on my signature…

*Disclosure - I’m a member of the Appodeal team :slight_smile:

@arraapps: Appodeal’s platform allows you to do everything you mentioned.

Appodeal is a programmatic mediation platform that provides the most efficient and fully automated way to monetize your traffic. With 1 SDK (10 lines of code), Appodeal automatically performs a virtual real-time auction across 30+ ad networks, RTB exchanges and DSPs to ensure that every impression is filled and with the highest paying AD available. If you want more control, we provide insight and segmentation tools to give you the power to manually allocate your inventory to the demand partners of your choice.

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