App Marketing Tips based on Practice

Today I am eager to share practice-vetted ways of app promotion in Store and other external sources.

Here are the most useful tips which I have learnt promoting my Android Apps:

  1. Start promoting your App while it’s still developing. This is crucially important for your brand recognition and building user tolerance to your app. And at the moment it is launched people will be encouraged to try it as they have heard about it before.

  2. Make an announcement about your Application in news break. Be heard out. Post your apps all sides emphasize how it can be useful for users and how it is different from other apps – make some interesting story. It helps to warm up the user’s perception and become more loyal to the newly released application.

  3. Make a huge effort to promote your App in App Store/Google Play. The main rule of Store is boosting traffic by means of [b]getting a lot of installs[/b] – it will let you get higher positions and make your app visible for organic users. Then perform decent [b] ASO [/b] from app promotional company KeenMobi, which generate a lot of traffic due to weight traffic keywords.

  4. Use SMM channel. Talk as much as possible about your application in social networks, thematic blogs and forums.

  5. Conduct AdWords campaign – only target audience will see this type of ads of your App, so you will get exceptional target users installations.

  6. [b]Use "[reviews and  rate]("  campaign[/b]– positive  feed  back  is  important  for  your  app promotion  to  get  reliable  attitude  in  your  users’  eyes.
  7. Try different channels and test measurements. Use the alternative markets for your Store (e.g. Amazon)

  8. Run thekeyword install campaigns for the cheapest rankings growth and raise your organic traffic.

    Please, share your own thoughts/marketing cases here. Concerning the different ad networks/platforms and marketing methods.

Thank for your sharing. I do agree with you, these are very useful app marketing methods.

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