App Ideas

I’ll throw this out there because I will never make it :wink:

Da Vinci Sleep Clock with widget. Tells you whether you should be “Awake” or “Asleep”, helps with maintaining a polyphasic sleep routine. allows you to be awake for more than 16hrs per day, to a maximum of 21hrs awake time per day. Crazy productivity people love this stuff.

Obviously with this there would be no ad revenue and would be purely sales revenue only.

Nice bro , i have many ideas , but i dont know what to do , so hesitant

go with what is easiest to implement.

lots of people have super dooper ideas that no one has thought of yet that they won’t tell anyone for fear of someone stealing their idea and making money out of it but will never follow through on it and it really wasn’t a very good idea anyway lol.
I find that mentality hilarious and is probably one reason why this section of the forum was empty :slight_smile:

Hey, this is a really good idea. If you need any help I’d love to because I’ve been looking for a project to work on with someone.

Yep Kingsley, thanks for putting an idea out there! :slight_smile: Most people (myself included) feel pretty reluctant to let our seemingly brilliant ideas out into the wild. But the simple fact is, there are way too many “great ideas” already. Everybody has them. Having an idea on its own doesn’t give you any competitive advantage. Having a working product though, that gives you an advantage.

A “good idea”, as we all refer to it, is 10% idea and 90% work. So, if you’re not prepared to do that 90%, your brilliant idea is usually pretty worthless. It does hurt however to see that somebody else is prepared to do that 90% and get’s all the benefits :slight_smile:

But to be honest, I often too, am reluctant to share ideas I have (and I have many). Especially in these days, where everybody is coding like hell. Many ideas I have, I do want to do that 90% work, but don’t have the time for it. So I put them aside until I have more time, and hope no-one else comes up with the same idea and does have time before I do :slight_smile:

I love this idea. Didnt he take like mini naps all the time??

Id do it except I have to be awake a lot (without any downtime)
Ive got a kid who cant be alone and I cant nap at work…

oh and I cant nap in class like everyone else in my class can… LOL i snore :wink:

Why this idea is not mine?
Seriously! It’s genius! It would be helpful in my everyday life since my sleeping pattern is screwed up. And feeding myself at the same time everyday would be good for my health as well.

So the slogan could be:
Narcolepsy - There’s an app for that.