App idea need feedback possible development

Here’s my idea…

Most all people love bracket contests. You know the kind where you pick between 2 options until you get down to the final pairing and figure out the winner. The NCAA March Madness basketball is the biggest example. Even non-sports caring people fill out a bracket every March.

We’ll this app is based off that concept but would incorporate any subject the creator would desire. Here’s how it would work.

Jane Doe creates a bracket titled “My Top 8 Most Embarrassing Moments” she fills in 8 slots with the information like “when I fell on stage at graduation.” She the sets the time period for each round, maybe anywhere from 10 min to an hour or so. She then clicks to post the bracket on Facebook for all her friends to fill out. Her friends can then go and “join” her bracket and vote. After the end of the designated time period it it would go to the next round and be reported on Facebook for people to vote again. This would happen until all rounds are complete and the winning embarrassing moment is determined.

Another twist could be for Jane Doe to the same bracket but for her friend Suzy Q. So it would be “Suzy Q’s 8 most embarrassing moments.” And if she couldn’t think of 8 things she could click on “get help” from her friends which would then post the unfinished bracket on Facebook and other could chime in on what those 8 moments could be.

I think this would be a popular app because:

  1. Filling put brackets is a concept most everybody is familiar with.
  2. Everybody loves a competition even if it’s about silly stuff.
  3. The types and ideas for the brackets are virtually endless…anything your mind can think of.
  4. It’s makes the competition social and we are social beings.
  5. People love to talk and hear about themselves, even if it is for stuff like embarrassing moments.

My working title is “BracketMe”

I’m looking for feedback and potentially a developer depending on what type of feedback I get.

Any help is appreciated.

I’m not sure if you are aware how much work it is. Best case scenario - its months of full-time work.
How people will communicate in your social app? You want to integrate it with facebook somehow? I think it won’t work if people will be able to vote only on the brackets from their friends, so you’d need to add some options to browse through the created brackets, and to communicate inside the app.
I think this idea won’t work for you, especially because you’re looking for someone who will help you with development. If you had the idea, the skills to design UI, the knowledge to build the architecture AND the skills to develop this network, you’d have a bit bigger chances, but I still don’t like the idea.
On the other hand, in 1943 Watson (probably) said “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers”. Your app might be a new Facebook and in few years from now you’ll quote me and laugh from this post. But I think you should find some new idea, and preferably get some experience in designing and making applications.

No doubt it is a nice idea, Typically the feedback that I hear now a day are reasons why not to start developing a Idea. So to give you the best feedback that I can I will break it into bullets:
A) Great Idea, the app has the “Social” aspect to it almost insuring that the amount of free\earned media that you will obtain will be amazing! The idea itself sounds like a fun and fresh activity that has not been done before.
B) Not sure what platform would be the best to host such an idea, Facebook Apps, Android \ iOS mobile apps etc… If you are serious about this idea, I deeply recommend you to sit down and do the pre-research for an awesome business plan, include market numbers, hours of development, monetization strategies and etc… The idea itself is great, now you got to find how this great idea will make you money and how much time and energy it will demand

*allagainstyou mentioned something about you not having enough personal skills to move this by yourself, in general I would agree but if you know how to manage and you got a budget… then why not?

Hope I helped!

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