App help developer to Monitoring Apps and Revenue

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I will write today about same app i use to Monitoring Apps download and Revenue from my phone:
Andlytics Track your Android app’s statistics(play market,Admob).
Track My App (beta) Track your apps in the Android Market.
Google Checkout Notifier Trial Automatically receive Google Checkout order notifications.
Google Merchant Widget Widget to show your Google Merchant Information.

and when search in market for app can help devloper, i found this:
App Engine Dashboard Google App Engine Dashboard on your Android device
Mobclix Watcher check how much do you earn in real time.
MobFox beta A client for MobFox Mobile Advertising.
[MobFox Reporter]( id=com.antheu.mobfox&feature=search_result) A client for MobFox Mobile Advertising.
[MobFox Reports (Free)]( A client for MobFox Mobile Advertising.

did any one use anther app for Monitoring Apps and Revenue?

Well, I use Andlytics mainly. It’s brilliant for keeping track of apps, although not quite as necessary now that Google Play has some better historical reporting.

Also using an app which I wrote called Revenue Monitor for Tapjoy. It’s one of the most lucrative networks for me at the moment, and provides a fantastic API for realtime revenue updates, which is what this app uses.

I’m using Andlytics too.
I’m also using an app called rankingMe where you can both track your ranking in the different categories and also see where your app is in the Google Play store for different keywords (page and ranking).

I used to use Andlytics, but then it mysteriously disappeared off the store. Thanks for letting me know it’s back.

David. I’ve been using your tapjoy monitor for a while now. Easy way to see how much I made that day. I’d love for it to show history as well as that days stats but it is still very useful as it is.

It stopped working sometime last week. After seeing this post I decided to troubleshoot a little to see why it wasn’t working. I reentered my api key and that didn’t help. So I went to tapjoy’s website and generated a new key, still not working.

I looked at the logcat and it showed you were calling:<email address>&api_key=<apikey>

I pasted that in my browser and it returns a page not found.

On Tapjoy’s api page it shows a sample address like:<email address>&api_key=<apikey>

and that one works in the browser.

So it appears they used to support calls but now only support calls.

Yes, I just noticed that today too. Shouldn’t take much to fix, once I can locate the SVN repo again! I’ve been switching to git, so could take a while to convert it…

I was actually considering making the Tapjoy client open source. I don’t have time to add all the nice features people can think of, but it’s definitely a tool which could be beneficial for a lot of developers.

What do people think of the open source idea? At the moment the code is terribly ugly (it was a weekend hack, actually), but I could probably tidy things up if there was enough interest in public development.

Andlytics is open source. Maybe it makes sense to integrate your tapjoy monitor into andlytics? I use both, Andlytics and your Tapjoy Monitor.

@Konja: The new open source Andlytics is published here:

The Revenue Monitor for Tapjoy has now been updated to work with the latest API :slight_smile:

i create app to get AppBrain AppLift revenue (AppBrain AppLift Monitor) its easy to use add app package and developer id and authentication from AppBrain API and will return the Revenue, Click, install please try it :shy:

A little basic but does the job. I’d love to see my previous day’s earnings if you can.

For tracking my sales I use appmonger:

<shameless plug> offers you a nice dashboard (have a look at the screenshot below) and it’s easy to integrate with major monetization platforms like Tapjoy, Sponsorpay, Kiip and, of course, Google’s in-apps and ad networks. We also report all your revenue on one screen, for all revenue sources.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 21.12.35.jpg

Ping me if you think that Dataspin might be the right platform for you.