App Game Developer, first game, first Admob campaign

Alright dudes!

New to the forum, hoping to get some juicy nuggets of marketing knowledge. I’m a mobile app games developer, just finished my first game and i’m trying to spread the word on it. Currently it’s on Google Play store and will soon be on iOS. I’m trying to promote the google play store page to get people downloading it.

I’ve started an Admob campaign to test the water. Just got it set to:

£5 a day
cpc £0.01
20/05/2015 - 28/05/2015
Locations: USA, UK
Ages: 18-34

It’s an interstitial ad and it’s really bright and colorful.

So far results have been a bit minimal. I’ve only had 25 impressions and 1 click. I’m happy to have had 1 click for such a small amount of impressions but I can’t help but think the impressions side of it is rather small. I look at others campaigns and they get thousands of impressions.

So far my thoughts on why it’s not working have been that maybe i’m bidding too low. Do I have to bid higher to get any impressions at all? Or can you get “bottom of the barrel” as it were impressions.

Thanks for reading my post. Any advice is welcome.

oh BTW this is my game