[APP][FREE] TC Fuel consumption Record

Whether you want to record your own car this time or next time how much fuel consumption, but can not find tools to record.
This tool features:

  1. When input new data , immediately and automatically calculates how much the average fuel consumption and unit price.
  2. When input new data , input over oil name or car name have provide the selected window.
  3. Data is available to add, modify, and delete reading.
  4. Intuitive forms can zoom in or out.
  5. Provide an average fuel consumption curve drawing functions to draw freely select items.
  6. Six kinds of theme colors to choose .
  7. Memo field can record messages related to the car repair or maintenance

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Using the [Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) Fuel Consumption Guide], you can get a general idea of how fuel-efficient a vehicle is relative to other vehicles in its class.
However, this guide is only part of the equation, as many variables come into play in fuel economy. Below, we’ll cover how NRCAN comes up with its fuel consumption numbers and tips for maximizing fuel efficiency in your vehicle.