[APP] [FREE] Hack Leaks Checker Exchange review

The purpose of this App is to check if your account is associated with known data leaks and monitor it if new breaches are discovered, allowing you to take appropriate actions to protect your data, changing credentials if data breaches have been fixed but you still have the old compromised password, or suspending the account if breaches aren’t fixed.

In addition the App has a section that shows news about cyber attacks and stolen data.

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Updated client engine. To avoid the crash at start on some devices during email analysis.

I appreciate the apps like your one as it really helps the users to save private zone and control the potential threat.

I have checked your app in order to give you constructive pieces of advice:

  1. The screen shots are understandable and icon is pretty good
  2. There is no video (it is a weak side) as video is a huge advantage in app representation
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