[App][Free] Group Text & Scheduler - Send/Schedule Group/Indiv. Messages In One Click

So it is my first Android App
Amazon App Store Free Version link : Group Text & Scheduler

Amazon App Store Pro Version link : Group Text & Scheduler Pro

Coming Soon in Google Play Store

Short Description

This is NOT just another Group SMS Sender & Scheduler. It is completely new one with new great features.

Send or schedule several completely different messages or individual message only IN ONE CLICK !!! No Limit !!!

What happens when you send/schedule lots of messages to a group of people. They all receive the same message or the only difference among these messages will only be in their First Name.

This is over. Now You can write additional text for some receivers in your message, such that they will get it but other receivers won’t .


  • Original message from Group Text & Scheduler to Peter, John and Kate => “$(Peter, Kate)[Hi #First_Name . See You tomorrow.] $(John)[Happy Birthday dear John.]” (Note that First_Name is a special keyword which indicates First Name of a Receiver. You can add your own keywords too !!!)

  • Peter will receive => “Hi Peter . See You tomorrow.”

  • Kate will receive => “Hi Kate . See you tomorrow.”

  • John will receive => “Happy Birthday dear John.”

  • and so on…

Yes You just sent three different messages with a single SMS writing :slight_smile: . You can read more about it in Help Folder when You download app.