[APP][FREE] Feedster - Your news feed from social networks


Do you want to simplify your life? We also wanted and, therefore, created the Feedster. What is Feedster? Feedster - is a unique and useful aggregator that organize all news from your accounts in multiple social networks, such as Youtube, Twitter, VK, Reddit and Facebook, in one place. Here you can control the sources with only few clicks to add or remove them of necessity. News feed are displayed in a single list, where you have the opportunity to read them as much as you can. Reading news, watching photos and videos, writing comments… And it’s only a small part of Feedster possibilities.

[li]Single list for all news feed
[/li][li]All popular sources in one app (Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Vk, Facebook)
[/li][li]Interesting content with main information
[/li][li]Rate and publish comments
[/li][li]Different content types (images, gifs, videos, etc)
[/li][li]Customizable interface
[/li][li]Managing with gestures
[/li][li]Fast-loading and easy to use

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All data from accounts are NOT transferred to third parties and stored ONLY on the user’s device.

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