[APP][FREE][4.2+] Flashlight

The Flashlight is a reliable, convenient and free app.
With one touch you instantly turns your device into the brightest led flashlight!

The application has a simple and user-friendly interface containing only the necessary things.
The most essential app for every Android device!

With this brightest LED torch, you can do:

  • Change the bubble or repair car at night
  • Light your house during a power outage
  • Open doors in low light
  • Light the way when hiking
  • Find your keys in the dark
  • Read an interesting book at night


  • Intuitive and elegant design
  • Launch it and get light instantly by pressing one button
  • Bright torch
  • Small size
  • Works when screen is turned off or locked s
  • No camera permission needed on devices with Android version more than 6.0
  • Easy and fast to use



What’s new in the version 1.0.1:

  • Bug fixing

What’s new in the version 1.0.2:

  • Added “More apps” button

Buy app install is it safe nowadays?