[APP Free 2.2+] Multi functional Speechrecognizer and TTS Synthesizer


I would like to show You my two new applications

First one is Ring by Voice:

Get it on Google Play! :slight_smile:

Call by say number or name of contact past one click in widget! Application will recognizevoice language and that which You sad contact or phone number! Now, ringing is easy and pleasure!

After you speak a number to some person or contact and after correct or incorrect call, You will see resultat of Your speech to check whether app recognize Your words properly.

Very practical solution is widget, which you can place on some of Your smartphone’s screen and if You want to call someone, all You need to do is only click it and say number or contact!

And the second one is Widget Battery Info:

Get It on Google Play! :wink:

Control battery’s current charge level continously with accurate to 1 precent into Your device without any clicking! All you need to do is only place a battery widget HD on the screen and click on it only one time to first update and then charge level will be updating itself without Your interact!

Of course You can click on the widget when You want to retrieve more informations about accumulator in Your tablet, or smartphone.

It’s practical, useful and it looks great, becouse graphics is in HD quality. Besides battery’s state of charge You can check for eq. voltage of accumulator, technology in which it’s made and whether it’s chargeing etc.

I will be grateful if You will try and rate these apps :slight_smile: