App for review exchange

What do you guys think about it? I got an e-mail today. It looks good but I’m afraid that it can be easly banned by google.

Hi, I use this app called Exchange App Reviews. I send a message to Google(throug the portal) asking to remove this app if it was against Google privacy police, they didn’t respond and the app was not removed. So I consider the app correct, but I stop using it because the reviews that you get from it, are from developers that even open the app

I see one developer write the same text review in two of my apps, I alert the developer that create the ‘Exchange App Review’ app, and he say that you punish the person that do this.

But I stop using the Exchange app review after that, now I begin to use the site, I think it’s better because you need to send a screenshot of the review to be able to participate

But making and uploading screenshots is additional work. How many reviews can you get in day?

It’s because of this additional work that people create real reviews. A screenshot of the review is a proof that you create a real review. I stop using the “Exchange App review” app because I see people that create review using copy and paste text. If the “Exchange App Review” team create an update that block this type of person, I’ll use it again. But in this moment I don’t think this will happen.

Sometimes I get one review per day, the max that I got is 4 reviews in a day. (I consider only reviews with comments, because it’s hard to know how many reviews without comments I receive)

And to give reviews you use account connected to you developer account somehow? I mean same IP/phone/ etc? Don’t you afraid that google will know that? Personaly I think that 4 reviews per day is not a problem but I am curious about your opinion

I use another account that is in my tablet. But I know that is possible to track because IP. I’m using it at my own risk. But I think using the “Exchange App reviews” app is more problematic.

Nice idea but won’t last on GP. Maybe try other app stores…idk

have anyone got banned for review exchange ?