[APP][Entertainment][4.1+] The Insult Generator

A few months ago we started to teach ourselves Java in order to create apps for Android.
Meanwhile a spontaneous idea turned into a serious and well-built app that served as a nice learning project to get acquainted with the basics.
Checking the competition on the Play Store we just realized that this may be the first Insult Generator you won’t end up uninstalling right after first contact… :wink:

Now we’re curious to hear what others might think of it…
Constructive feedback more than welcome - thanks!


[li]Easy to use[/li][li]Intuitive navigation[/li][li]Loads of randomly generated insults[/li][li]Insults based on themes[/li][li]Unlockable Custom theme[/li][li]Save and backup function[/li][li]Appealing design[/li][li]No Ads[/li][/ul]

The Insult Generator

Version Information:
Current Stable Version: 2.0

We’ve just uploaded Version 2.0 of our app.

New Features:

[li] Entire app translated to German
[/li][li] Insult translation feature
[/li][li] In-app store overhauled
[/li][li] Insults refined
[/li][li] Instructions for more features added
[/li][li] Layout improvements
[/li][li] Performance and stability improvements