App dissapeared from Google Play category listing

We had an app that has dissapeared from the social category listing in Google Play. Previously we had this problem with an app that was reinstated after being suspended due to wrong content, but not this time. We have not received any email from Google Play about this.

We have tried contacting Google Play support but some time ago we had the same experience and received a message about how the ranking algorithms change and bullshit like this but no fix.

Have you had an experience like this and did appealing worked for you?

Well, I reply to myself so it helps anyone in my situation now or in the future …

After contacting Google Play developer support they say that the search algorithm is secret and yada-yada. No explanation or solution given. If we knew what is wrong we would fix it IMMEDIATELY. But no, giving a straight answer would be too much.

We will try changin the app title or something, maybe sacrificing a chicken to the Google gods will work better.

Having your livelihood depending on Google ****ing sucks.