App disappeared from ranking! Help!!

Sorry, I don’t know where to post this kind of thing…

I updated my app a few hours ago, and now it’s totally out of the ranks (top new free word mexico, top free word mexico and ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES).
I was top 15 free word in Mexico yesterday and good rankings in other countries too =(
I already readed the other threads in this forum about it, but… I can’t believe… Should I worry now, or is it normal to happen just after updating an app?? (I already maded another updates, but I don’t remember)…
I did not changed nothing in store listing, only sent a new APK…

Please someone help a desperate guy =(

maybe 30 days have passed since you first published it

maybe your app was spammy, fake, deceptive, etc. google will sometimes hide really low quality apps from top lists

I published it on August 5th, it doesn’t passed 30 days, and I was on top free too, not only top new free.
My app certainly is not a candy crush saga, but in no ways it is spammy, fake or deceptive… And if it was the case, why Google would realize that after 4 or 5 normal updates?
It doesn’t make any sense…

It could just be a glitch, it might just pop back up.

Double check you didn’t accidentally change categories or something and keep and eye out in case it pops back up in the rankings.

It´s really scary to read stories like this, please let us now how it ends.

Maybe something about the Dragon Ball theme? (it´s copyrighted after all)

Are you the owner of that manga series you used for your game?

Oh let me guess it… NO

There’s your answer. Now start making your own shit and there you have the way to avoid it.

Last time I got similar story. BUT : two apps was good quality. They were both in top100 in a few countries. And after 10-15 days after publish - they dissapear. Impressions went down twice. And I don’t know still why… I think that Google could remove them from rankings because they were for 16+ and 18+ people… But this is very strange

I hope you’re right friend… It was my first successful app =(
I did not changed the category… Nothing more than a simple apk update with appodeal… I will let you know how it ends. Thanks for replying.

Hi Baksai thanks for replying… The images I use are very photoshoped, they look like pencil drawings, so I don’t believe Google would have problems with this (there are a lot of quiz apps with famous characters doing the same)… I once had this kind of problem, but after changing images everything was fine… This is the 4th or 5th update of this app. Other times I was not looking so constantly to the charts, so I don’t know if it’s normal or not… I will update this post to let you know what happened.

Hey friend, you should say that to the owners of the tons thousands millions similar apps in the store today… If they can, why can’t I? My game is a simple reskin, right it is, but it was not poorly made… And I’m not spamming the store with 50 poorly made apps monthly, so, you don’t need to be so aggressive in your comments. I hope that doesn’t happen to you…

You mean you get a warning or suspension for using original photo? If you get warning and change the images to photoshop photo afterwards, Google didn’t suspend it, then it should be fine. Otherwise, don’t make any assumption. Wait for your update on what happened anyway.

i also have published my first app on play store. direct link is working. but i cant find my app by searching. what could be the problem?

the ranks and charts seem to be frozen for the last few days

When you recently publish your app, if you don’t have a very very opmized ASO, you can search your app by the exact name, and you wont be able to find it in the first positions… Scroll down and take a look, maybe you will find it… It’s normal in Play Store…

Toxic, you’re right, for the last 3 days my app was very stable (attached image), so maybe that’s a Google’s servers problem… I hope so, because I’m still not ranking for nothing more…

thank you for your reply. but I don’t know how to optimize ASO. Can you please elaborate a bit more about how to ?

You’re welcome

ASO is the technique to optimize your store listing to make your app appeal to your audience and make it visible in the store rankings. There are several aspects that include App Icon, Keywords (In Google Play keywords are within your description), Screenshots, App Title, etc…

It’s a very extensive topic, so I suggest you to take a look in Udemy’s courses and search in Blogs about it.
You can search Sensor Tower Blog and this site to get started:
App Store Optimization Blog

ASO brings no guarantees but certainly it helps a lot.

Good luck :wink:

Please double check the configurations. If you are not satisfied, then you can contact google in this regard. access Developer

Console Help ----> Publishing and discovery issues

There you can fine some useful information. However, an active link is also available in the bottom and you can seek the desired help

thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

It really seems like the charts are having some kind of problem.

You can see in the screen of app annie charts attached that I have another app that suddently stops ranking for today, August 25 (For Brazil)… I have update this other app too, just too make a test and see if it would stop ranking too… It’s very strange… There’s nothing to do, except wait… Is there Someone else not ranking for today, August 25 in AppAnnie or Sensor Tower tools?



My app get suspended, then I re-upload with the new images (I have to change package name in order to put the app live again as Google instructed me). With the photoshoped images I avoided copyright problems with Google. Since August 5th (when I uploaded the new app) I released 3 or 4 updates and everything was normal, until yesterday, when I changed ad networks and sent a new apk to the store… I already sent a message to Google, let’s see what happens…

Nothing is going to happen…

I had the same issue…