App Developers - Need your Input -- Posting Back a Confirmation and Somehow Tracking

Developers, I have 2 questions I’d like to get some answers to.

Q1) Let’s say an app is installed from a special link, with a unique serial #. Can the app post back that serial # to a server that is specified somehow? PostBack URL?

Q2) If I want to get people to review my app and in turn get paid for it, is there a way to somehow hard code a tracker/check into the app to make sure they really did install it, open it and test it out/try it? I don’t want people to make up fake reviews without actually looking at my app.


Yes you can

Q1: if you mean that the link will provide the serial # in it, i’m not sure but i don’t think it is possible, as you don’t need to install an apk from a link so i think there is no sdk method for that. If you mean your apk has a specific serial # (or whatever you like) embedded in it and after app run, go read that code and post back to a specific url, then that is obviously possible, it’s an easy read and send via network task.

Q2: i know there are tools to get metrics and analytics so you can achieve same target, but it shouldn’t be difficult for you as a developer, to perform some network call on specific event: for example when the app starts, make a call to http://youserver/monito?lotofparams, or create a timer within an activity and perform that call every 30 seconds so you know your user used it for less then 30 seconds of for at least 5 minutes and so on…